Sofa Safaris – Video Series

Bucket List Sofa Safari’s brings the safari experience from Kenya to you at home whilst relaxing on your sofa , presented by experienced local tour guide Newton and showcasing the best wildlife & culture Kenya has to offer including The Big Five and much more!

Episode 1 – Nairobi National Park – Cape buffalos & Rhinos
Episode 2 – Nairobi National Park – Lions Enjoying Kenyan BBQ
Episode 3 – Samburu National Reserve – Giraffes & Elephants
Episode 4 – Samburu National Reserve – It takes a Village
Episode 5 – Lake Nakuru National Park
Episode 6 – MIA and One Tribe Mama
Episode 8 – Lions of the Maasia Mara
Episode 9 – Maasai Mara Safari & Enaidura Camp
Episode 10 – Amboseli National Park

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