Bucket List Travel and Cruise COVID19 Update

Although the current COVID-19 global pandemic has presented our entire travel industry with many challenges – 

Bucket List Travel and Cruise is here for your travel desires and needs.

During this time, my response times will be longer than usual, as I am working tirelessly in conjunction with trade partners, airlines and suppliers to ensure all clients are contacted and provided updates and options on the status of their current/future bookings in the most timely manner possible. Kindly note that I am presently accommodating those who depart within the immediate future and will be working in order of departure date to get in contact with you. I would like to extend my sincere apology to those of you who may be feeling uncertainty during this challenging and unusual time, I want you to know that you are in our thoughts. 

The world is far too beautiful to be left unseen, and when the time comes for you to safely embark on your dream holiday again 

– I will be here for you!

I understand some Bucket List trips require a lot of pre planning and pre booking, so if you are thinking of a trip in 2021 and beyond, I am still available to be able to research and plan this for you, many of the suppliers are taking bookings which can be secured with deposits and they will offer a rebooking guarantee if, for whatever reason, the future date does not proceed as planned.

Julie Edwards – Director
Bucket List Travel and Cruise